Treatment & Policy Procedures


We understand that things can happen in life  when making appointments and last minute cancellations  occur all the time. We request 24 hours notice if you cannot make it. We ask that if you are running late to please text us at 604-339-7719 so we can best accommodate you upon arrival . All no shows and cancellations done within 24 hrs could be subject to a non refundable fee of $75.00 upon re booking. 


Eternity Laser has made it easier than ever to book appointments. You can conveniently text us 604-339-7719 (not while driving please) OR call us directly 604-498-2782. Booking online is as easy as scrolling to the bottom of this page and clicking the BOOK NOW button and following the simple instructions with our booking software. It's as easy as 1 2 3. All your future bookings can be managed by you. We always encourage you to book your next session within 4-6 weeks apart for optimal results. (Session(s)  time(s) vary per client) to ensure the desired results are met by both you and Eternity Laser. Our booking software is designed to also send text reminders through our outbound 778 #. Please don't respond to this text number as it is designed for outgoing messages only. All cancellations MUST be done by calling us or texting us directly at 604-339-7719


Please arrive 10 min prior to your appointment so we can offer you a special Eternity Laser welcome. Also, if this is your first visit to our clinic, we would love to know what brought you in, and answer questions you may have. We require you  to fill in a medical & consent form for our records to better  understand your skin care needs so we can best match the proper services we offer for you. We solely collect this information so we can understand if you may have any allergies/skin related conditions/or contraindications that will hinder your treatment with us. All client information will be kept confidential. 


Like the service industry, our certified laser technicians provide an up-scale service for you.Gratuities are appreciated but  not mandatory.We have options right on our debit/credit terminal of dollar amount or percentage amounts for you to choose if you wish. Service industry rates gratuities are based  on a percentage scale between  5-25% above your base sale. If your experience  at our facility exceeded your expectations the option is available for you. 


Laser Hair Removal:

Cannot be pregnant or breast feeding. 

Please make sure the area we are servicing hasn't been waxed, epilated, threaded, tweezed or bleached for 4 weeks prior to your session. 

Thoroughly cleanse the area prior to your treatment

Shave the area 24 hrs prior to your treatment.

Sun exposure should be limited two weeks prior to laser & two weeks post.

No light sensitive medications 

Cannot be on Accutane (must be off for 6+ months) 

Hydrafacial MD:

Cannot be pregnant or breast-feeding 

No Botox or fillers or injectables 3 weeks prior to your Hydrafacial treatment

Makeup must be removed, ( we have makeup remover wipes and cleansers at our shop if your coming from work) 

Discontinue Retinol for two weeks prior to your HydraFacial 

Glycolic products should not be used 1 week after Hydrafacial

Sun protection is a must SPF 30 or more. 

Men getting a HydraFacial should shave 1 day 1/2 before their treatment. 


Cannot be pregnant or breast-feeding 

No Botox or fillers or injectables for 3 weeks prior to Clearlift

Cannot be on Accutane (must be off for 6+ months) 

All makeup must be removed 

SPF 30+ at all times 

Dye VL: 

Cannot be pregnant or breast-feeding

No light sensitive medications

Accutane must be not consumed for 6+ months

This treatment is highly light sensitive, not recommended during summer months

SPF 30+ is needed at all times

Skin Diagnostic System:

All makeup should be removed at home prior to coming

Do not apply any moisturizers on skin

Limit sun exposure a few days prior to the skin analysis


Cash, Visa, Master Card, Debit.

 All services are subject to 5% GST