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Clearlift 4D Plus takes years off the look of your face and body.  Targeting your fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and sun/age spots; you’re left with a more youthful appearance and a smoother texture to your skin. Clearlift offers quick, pain-free treatments with no downtime that work on all skin types and tones. Using a 1064nm laser we carefully target the skin while reaching depths of the skin to correct pigmentation, larger pores, fine lines and wrinkles and so much more.

The Dye-VL laser uses AFT pulsed light technology to target benign vascular and pigmented lesions. The Dye-VL utilizes a narrowband 500-600nm wavelength. The narrowband gives providers the precision required to target only the melanin in the lesion or blood vessel. Painless and effective this treatment can be combined with any other services at our office to maximize on desired outcome. 




 Virtually pain free laser hair removal that is safe and effective for all skin types on the Fitzpatrick skin scale. Using in-motion technology, the Soprano Laser System is able to provide faster, more comfortable treatments. Using a sapphire cooling tip, the laser gently glides across the surface area making it a comfortable laser hair removal treatment. It Is safe to perform this treatment even on the most delicate areas of the body, and we have a specialized facial tip small enough to do between the eyebrows,  on the outer area of the nostrils and  pesky ear hair. Soprano XL is a 1cm spot size so it is small enough to do the smaller areas of the face and body, and the Soprano ICE is a 2cm spot size which is excellent for the larger areas of the body and it also cuts the treatment time in half or more, meanwhile being painless and effective for everyone 


Hydra Facial MD


Using a disposable vortex tip patented specifically to the hydrafacial company, it gently glides across the surface of the epidermis to lift off any impurities caused by free radicals such as air and pollution and our day to day activities. Serums that are specially formulated to the HydraFacial MD system include active ingredients such as, Glucosamine HCl , Laminaria Digitata Extract (Skin protecting), Yeast Extract (Skin Conditioner).Urea, Vitamin E, and so much more. We also combine specialty vials to enhance the procedure which include a vial for lighting and brightening, a mild glycolic peel with a salicylic acid blend, and/or  a multi peptide anti-aging vial. Finishing the Hollywood raved treatment we use LED Light Therapy, Blue helping with acne prone skin, and Red to boost collagen. Lastly a special Eternity Laser touch to seal the deal to this instantly gratifying treatment.


Skin Analysis System

 Manufactured in Germany, our skin diagnostic system takes an in-depth look in to your skin using six different light modes, looking at skin’s texture, skin’s coloration, and skin’s secretions. 

Upon your in-depth diagnostic, we will recommend a personalized skin-care regimen in combination with receiving treatments with our specialized lasers for skin-resurfacing.

A healthy tone and texture starts with a visual understanding of your skin’s needs to achieve optimal results and understanding the skin’s physiology. 

Our Skin Analysis system will allow you to see the pH balance of your skin as well as areas of concern. The use of proper skin-care to help aid in sun-damaged or aged skin is a vital part of your road to success to maintain good skin health for life.


V-Shape Body Contouring

  This multi-platform technology integrates next-generation ultrasound, focused radio-frequency applications to deliver effective, high-customizable treatments for positive, natural, long-lasting results. The ultrasound technology shrinks fat cells with a combination of approximately six to eight treatments conducted two weeks apart. The RF platform will tighten the skin by heating the targeted area promptly after the ultrasound treatment. 

This treatment is done manually with our certified technician by your side to ensure comfort and for us to answer any questions that may arise during your treatment.

In combination with a healthy and active lifestyle, this treatment can help reduce inches of your desired area as well as combat cellulite. This treatment is completely painless and takes anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes for one area.  

Pricing available upon consultation. 


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