Our latest arrival of the V Shape Ultra is the ultimate body contouring and fat reduction system. Using two FDA approved technologies we are able to kill the fat cells, and tighten the area, leaving your skin smoother and more youthful looking.

The V Shape is not for weight-loss, it is a procedure which works excellent on areas that have excess stubborn fat that is not easily reduced by working out. To list a few areas that are ideal for V Shape they are:

  • lower belly “pooch” (post baby belly)
  • obliques “love handles”
  • outer thighs/buttocks “saddlebag area”
  • flanks (sides of back, “bra bulge”

Along with cellulite reduction on the back/front of thighs, buttocks and belly and skin tightening anywhere over the body. Each individual varies on treatment and results, but 2-6 treatments are generally sufficient. V Shape has a multi-platform technology that consists of:

  • Deep Heating Technology
  • Effective Dielectric Heating
  • Powerful Impedance Matching
  • Control Clinical Outcomes with Focused RF
  • Cold Shear Wave and Hot Ultrasound Technology

The two modalities which is used by this system is Ultra Sound and Radio Frequency, In short form, one kills fat cells and another tightens skin by building elastin collagen into the area being treated while fat cells are absorbed by the lymphatic system and flushed out of your system. We would welcome you to book in for a complementary consultation with us to see if V Shape is right for you!