What Is V Shape?

V Shape also known as JuvaShape is a technology that aids to remove cellulite and aiding of fine lines and wrinkles, all while using its pain free technology to also shrink and destroy fat cells. Using two modalities, Ultra Sound and Radio Frequency (RF). Let’s face it, sometimes working out and eating healthy doesn’t work on those stubborn areas such as, flanks, belly, under arm, and inner/upper thighs. It is also excellent for post pregnancy belly.

What Technologies does V Shape use?

V Shape uses the newest state of the art technology in body contouring. We currently are the only ones in Western Canada to offer this system. The two modalities the V Shape uses are, Ultra Sound & Radio Frequency (RF). Ultra Sound being the first technology in use, we gently and carefully kill the fat cells, using two specific technologies, one damages the fat cells with cold mode, which rattles the fat cells causing them to be absorbed by the lymphatic system, once the fat cells are compressed, your certified technician will then go over it with RF which will stimulate elastic collagen production and firm and tighten the skin. In combination with both these technologies, the skin will start to look smoother and tighter within a few treatments.

Which Areas can be V Shaped?

Unlike other fat reduction systems, Eternity Laser is using manual movement that is customized to your body type, using specialized hand pieces designed for the smallest and largest areas of the body needing that extra TLC. Clinical results vary per individual and must be maintained with a nutritious diet, physical activity, and drinking plenty of water. By killing the fat cells, and tightening, we highly recommend areas such as Flanks (sides of the back), upper thighs, upper arms, and for some tightening up under their chin and neck, around the eye area for fine lines and wrinkles and areas as large as the abdomen.

Does V Shape also get rid of cellulite?

Yes. With a series of treatments. We will also take before and after photos to make sure the results are visible during your treatment plan. Using both technologies – Ultra Sound and RF, this system will smoothen the dimpling of the skin, making it look and feel amazing.

Is V Shape suitable for Men?

Absolutely! Just like women, men also have areas of the body that needs to be contoured. We have seen clinical results of chin tightening and abdomen, results are amazing. Keeping in mind, with proper at home care and series of treatments, results can be permanent.

How long approximately is one treatment for V Shape?

Depending on the area, we are able to do an abdomen in 20-30. Each area varies in time and price.

Please call for pricing.