is a virtually painless, non-ablative approach to laser skin resurfacing. Using 1064nm of wavelength, patients are enjoying fast, comfortable treatments with visible results and no downtime.

ClearLift™ delivers a controlled pulse of laser that will not wound the skin or its surrounding tissue. Therefore, all stages of healing and skin repair occur under the intact epidermis.

ClearLift™ heats deep beneath the skin (up to 3mm in depth) no numbing is required prior to treatment and all skin healing happens without damaging the outer layer of skin. Clearlift is the newest alternative to pain free skin rejuvenation to firm and tighten those wrinkles and fine lines.

ClearLift™ has so many amazing advantages, no need for painful injectables when ClearLift™ will painlessly rejuvenate your skin. Treatments for face are conducted in less than 20 minutes. There is no post treatment downtime and the best part is there is a visible improvement in the skins appearance with just one treatment.

The ClearLift™ is safe for all skin types on the Fitzpatrick skin types I-IV.

ClearLift™ isn’t just for the face it is excellent for treating the neck, decollete, hands and all those other areas that need a little bit of a lift!