See what our customers have to say about Eternity Laser.

” I started of with laser hair removal with Eternity, but then did their Hydrafacial treatments, and now tried both their Clearlift & Dye VL, I am so happy its all painless! Okay for real ladies, and gents, It really doesn’t hurt, I always tell my friends about them, and they never believe me its painless, until they have gone and felt the lasers themselves, they are so happy with going there too, I love Preet and her staff, they all are so friendly, and listen to my skin care needs, i have always wanted good smooth clear skin, and now i have it, thanks to these ladies at Eternity Laser. Thanks so much! PS: Preet talked to me for 35 minutes on the phone before booking my appointment, thats what I call AMAZING!!”

R J- Surrey BC


“Hydrafacials are so popular, and without mentioning other spa’s I recently called the original place I go,  and they were fully booked, Im so glad they were, otherwise I wouldnt have found Eternity Laser. I loved how she educated me on the treatment, and showed me all the serums and vials that were going to be used on my skin. I had my 1st treatment with this clinic and im sold! I have had my 5th HydraFacial by Eternity Laser and I’ll never go anywhere else. Thanks ladies for my skin! Its always glowing”

G.L- North Delta BC


” I have had my 3rd Dye VL treatment on my face, I have tried so many different lasers to help my brown pigmentation on my skin. I am so happy I found Preet, She makes every visit amazing. I also have seen such an amazing change in my skin, wearing makeup isnt a 30 minute task anymore. So much clarity and reduction in my brown spots, She has my before and after and shes allowed to show all her clients because if it worked on me, it’ll work on anybody!”

K.R-Burnaby BC


“Coming to Eternity Laser was the best thing I ever did for my skin. I can truly see your passion reflect in all your services that you offer, you do a phenomenal job ensuring all your clients get the best service possible, and leave with smiles on the faces, thank you Eternity Laser for restoring my confidence in my skin”

S.S-Surrey BC


“I just wanted to tell you how amazing my skin looks! I am a Clearlift convert! I don’t even think I need to bother with Fraxil Lasers anymore! Thanks so much!”

A.M-Surrey BC


“To all of my friends that have ever considered getting Laser Treatment done – Stop hesitating and GO! You will not regret it. My amazing friend Preet offers great prices and is qualified and great at giving a PAIN FREE session..She makes it a priority to ensure you are comfortable and is so great at explaining the whole process as the treatment gets done. The one thing that always stopped me from getting it done has been the fact that I’ve felt uncomfortable at other consultations – Preet is SO caring and relatable that it helps take that feeling away – Not to mention the speediness of the treatment – it’s done before you can even begin to Blush 😉 lol!

For all my guy pals – Laser is for you too! Treat the women in your life to some smoooooooth skin boys, its only fair to return the Favor! 😛 haha …My bf resisted at first, but he is now a laser lover! (and I thank god for that! hehe)
Thank You Eternity Laser”

T.J-Surrey B.C.

“Nothing like flying from Los Angeles to Canada to have Laser and Hydra Facial done by Eternity!

Preet, is well trained, friendly, and professional. I highly recommend you book with her. Her hands are like magic and she does an amazing job getting what you need out! I was very impressed with the ambiance and the relaxed feeling you look forward to. She is very informative and meticulous about her products and machines! …after two weeks – I still feel awesome!!!!

I’ll fly back again!!! See you soon”
B.M- Los Angeles, California


“I came to eternity laser not knowing what to expect. I can’t believe this method of laser treatment didn’t even hurt! It actually felt like a massage! I can’t imagine going back to the painful type of laser treatment now that i discovered this! Preet is very professional and nice. She explained the procedure and even did a test area before actually doing the treatment. She was very organized with her informative and created a very relaxing environment. I am very impressed with her spa and how wonderful it looks. I didn’t hesitate in asking her questions as she is very approachable by providing a kind, patient, funny personality. I love the spa, very new and clean. I feel very comfortable with Preet as i know she has the training and knowledge and she will always answer my questions no matter how silly i think they are. Also, i feel comfortable with her, so ladies/men don’t be shy in getting your bathing suit-covered areas done! I finally found my place! Thank you eternity laser and for many more visits to come! I will not hesitate in recommending this place to anybody!!!”

N.B-Surrey B.C.


“I just can’t believe it. How glad I am I found you. Years of one-off visits to places that just-didn’t-get-it, then ages of very, very expensive clinics, had me giving up on finding someone like you. Preet, you are a professional through and through. Our conversation when I first called you put all my anxiety at ease, and when I came in, I was literally in shock at how amazingly everything went. Now, after a few visits, I feel confident saying you are THE BEST LASER HAIR CLINICIAN I’VE EVER MET. My results have been a dream come true – no pain, totally normal skin immediately after treatment, and lasting hair removal. Plus a clinician who actually listens to me and tailors my treatment to our conversation, exactly. I know most women will understand when i say you’ve taken a huge weight off of my mind. I love you and I thank you for putting me in your good hands. Here’s to the next “area”!!!! xoxo”

I.S-Surrey, B.C


“Just Had a Hydra Facial at Eternity Laser, This is definitely not your typical facial! Preet showed me the proper way to take care of my skin. This facial actually worked! I felt so amazing after my treatment, not only was I hydrated, but my skin felt so smooth and flawless. So many of us women have uneven skin tone, and we cake on the makeup to give us the evenness, but in all honesty I’m going to be saving on my foundation as I don’t think I’ll be buying it anymore! The skin care line is so affordable, I bought the Pur Moist and and the Sunscreen, I can notice a difference in my skin even after 3 weeks. She made the process so easy, she explained everything, and was very detailed when doing the facial, i’ll be booking another one! Worth every penny! Thanks Eternity Laser, you have truly rescued my skin!”

C.R-Delta, B.C.


When I first went into see Preet, I had 2 months to clear up my skin before my wedding. I didn’t have severe acne, but I would get 2 or 3 zits here and there. I read up on HydraFacial, and finally decided to look for someone close by and most importantly someone who knew what they were doing.

Preet made me feel very comfortable when I first went in for my consultation. She explained everything she would do and how the HydraFacial machine worked. Preet gave me lots of tips on what to do to help clear up my skin. I followed all her tips religiously. I went in for LED light therapy every week, and had three HydraFacials done over the 2 months. After my first HydraFacial, I was amazed at the results; my skin was so smooth and clear looking. It kept getting better and I wasn’t breaking out anymore. Today I had my last HydraFacial done, and today I have no pimples on my face…just smooth, clear skin. I am so happy with the results, and Preet is amazing to work with. She is very professional and very good at what she does. In the short time I had to clear up my skin; Preet was dedicated to give me clear skin and she did it. I recommend HydraFacial to everyone…but most importantly I HIGHLY recommend Eternity Skin Care.

Thank you so much Preet!

R.S-Surrey B.C.


“I am so pleased to finally say, I am actually seeing results with the reduction of hair! I have gone to so many other Laser Clinics, and Spas, and spent so much money on laser, where I was going to give up and go back to waxing. I heard about Eternity Laser through one of my friends, she highly recommended to go see Preet. I booked a consultation and knew within the first 10 minutes I was in good hands! Preet is not only Certified, but she educated me about the growth of hair, and the proper stages to target the hair with the laser. It really felt good to know she cared. She didn’t rush the appointment at all, and it was a very relaxed atmosphere. I just had my full face done and my free underarms treatment few weeks ago and I felt no pain, and the treatment went by quick. I still have no hair, I am very thrilled about the outcome of her laser system. I am so happy that there is someone out there that actually listens and cares about the same thing. I am definitely booking with Eternity Laser again, 5 stars through and through! Thanks so much Preet! See you very soon!”

K.A-Vancouver B.C.


“If you’re considering getting laser, I definitely recommend Preet at Eternity Laser. I was quite nervous about laser and thought I’d go in for a consultation. She put all my fears to rest. She was educated about her product and had answers for all my questions. FYI, I don’t know Preet personally, nor have I met her before. I was just so impressed that I thought I’d let my friends in on it too.”

M.H.C-Surrey BC


“I have always considered getting a HydraFacial. I have been very hesitant because as a male I need to know that I am in the right hands, and that I am getting the very BEST. I have researched and read many reviews online, both here in the US and in Canada, and time and time again Eternity Laser kept coming up as “highly recommended”. As a person who travels quite often, whenever I am in town again I will defiantly stop by and see what all the rave is about. I know I will be in good hands. Thank you for setting the gold standard.

S.A-New York


“Great service from a very caring owner. I’ve been let down by a lot of Laser clinics and was searching for a new place, so glad my friend suggested Preet! She made suggestions not only for my laser but for other skin issues I have been dealing with. Thanks for the great service Preet!!”

H.B-Surrey BC


“So professional and clean and she was sooo friendly. The reasonable prices are just a bonus!!”

C.B-Burnaby BC


“ETERNITY laser hair removal is good place to go, where you can have freindly customer service by preet and you will be very happy with the results as i did,
i am very happy with the results and i will go back soon , thanks preet”

M.S-Surrey BC


“Best service I’ve ever had, preet always goes out of her way to make clients feel comfortable and safe.”

S.S-Vancouver BC


“Amazing service and very reasonable prices!!!! When it comes to my skin I’m always very skeptical of treatments and trying new places but I’m happy to say I have no regrets on this one!!!”

P.B-Surrey BC


“Amazing service! Preet is extremely professional and knowledgeable about the industry, her services and machines. She made me feel comfortable and I was well taken care of. It was an enjoyable experience. Cant wait to go back, Thanks Preet!”

K.K-Burnaby BC


“Preet at Eternity Laser Hair Removal & Skin Care is AMAZING!!! I’ve tried a few different types of laser but this is the best! Pain free AND the best results! I highly recommend this place. Great service and i love the monthly promotions! See you soon!”

J.P-Surrey BC


“ETERNITY laser hair removal is good place to go, i am very happy with the results and i will go back soon ,
Thanks Preet”

S.K-Surrey BC


“Eternity laser is best laser treatment. Preet is very friendly. i m very Happy with the results.
its amazing ! thank you Preet”

R.S-Surrey BC


“Eternity laser has made me hair free!!! I recommend it to all my friends and family! Preet makes her clients feel comfortable and does a great job getting rid of unwanted hair! Her prices are great too!!”

S.J-Surrey BC


“I’ve been looking for a while for a really good laser service. I found Preet over the web a few months back and honestly, Preet is truly the best in the business. She really listened to me about what my needs were and she went right to work. Preet really cares about her clients, her business and follows up. I’m am truly grateful I met Preet 🙂 Thanks Preet for all you do!!!!”

S.B-Surrey BC